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State House Land Summit set for today

Written by MyGov

State House Nairobi is this morning hosting the State House Land Summit, a continuation of State House Summit series. The summit is meant to answer what  the Jubilee administration promised on land if it took office.The Cabinet Secretary responsible for Land Prof Jacob Kaimenyi and his team will seek to answer some of the following questions.

 Historical Land Injustice?
•       How far are we with dealing with the Historical Land Injustices?
•       Have we implemented the recommendations of these reports on illegal & irregular allocation of land?
•       Has the Ministry been able to repossess any land that was irregularly allocated to Politicians, Churches etc?
•       Who owns the largest tracts of land in Kenya?
•       Coast Counties have borne the brunt of the historical land injustices. How far is the Ministry and the NLC in implementing reforms?

The Corruption Challenge in Land Acquisition
•       How is the Ministry dealing with several questions of double titling?
•       There are numerous cases of Kenyans holding faulty or even fake title deeds. What assurance do Kenyans have with regards to the titles they hold?
•       What safeguards has the Ministry & NLC put in place to deal with Unscrupulous Land Buying Companies (Case of Kihiu Mwiti & Mbo-i-kamiti)
•       Malpractices in land control boards – Case Meru Land Board
•       Has the move to disband the boards streamlined their operations
•       Disappearance of Green cards and land documents. What safeguards have been put in place?
•       Has the Ministry red flagged fraudulent land brokers?
•       Grabbing of School playing grounds and status of issuing titles to schools
Idle land and Question of Squatters
•       A Mombasa court recently ruled that a person who doesn’t develop his land for over 10 years has no right to claim ownership. What does this jurisprudence by Environment and Land court Judge Anne Omollo mean to the future of land ownership?
•       What is the future of idle land
•       Is issuance of titles to squatters the solution given that many of them are already disposing the titles they were given and reverting to their old squatter status. (The case of Waitiki and Lamu squatters)
•       What is the State of Land Tenure and Renewal of leases for Foreigners?
As always, we look to take your questions on all media platforms and urge you to follow the discussions on radio, television and our digital platforms.

This administration promised improved service delivery when it took office and we can demonstrate that this has extended to all spheres, including the subject of land.

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