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Jersey agrees to repatriate millions of shillings to Kenya

The Attorney General of Jersey and Government of Jersey have agreed that the three million pounds equivalent to overKsh372 million.

The cash will be repatriated by the Government of Jersey to the country for the purposes of benefiting Kenyans in a manner to be agreed by the Government of Kenya and the Government of Jersey.

National Treasury Principal Secretary Dr Kamau Thugge reiterated Kenya’s intention of using the proceeds to develop renewable energy projects that have an impact on education among vulnerable communities in arid and semi-arid areas.

This was during the signing of a preliminary Asset Sharing Agreement with the Chief Minister of Jersey, Senator Ian Gorst at the Treasury Building yesterday.

The proceeds were confiscated from property held by Windward Trading Company after pleading guilty to one count of having possession of the proceeds of criminal conduct, contrary to Article 33 of the Proceeds of Crime (Jersey ) Law 1999.

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