Working and Employing

Kenya has a population of about 40.5 million people of which 47.5 percent constitute the working population. The country also has the highest 15 + literacy rate in the region (90 percent). Investors have access a large pool of highly qualified professionals in diverse sectors at competitive rates within a very flexible legal framework.

Hiring Expatriate employees

Expatriates are allowed to work in Kenya provided they have an entry permit (work permit) issued under the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act. An applicant for an entry permit needs to describe the work he or she intends to engage in and will be allowed to engage only in that specific activity. Entry permits are usually granted to foreign enterprises approved to operate in Kenya as long as the applicants are key personnel. Any enterprise, whether local or foreign, may recruit expatriates for any category of skilled labour if Kenyans are not available. KenInvest facilitates the acquisition of entry permits for investors

Hiring Local employees

The labour laws of Kenya are embodied in several legislations. The provisions of these legislations include those regarding wages, non-discrimination, harassment, leave, housing, health and welfare, local and foreign contracts of service, the employment of women and youth, termination of contract, and other administrative matters.


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