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Deputy President says Government won’t muzzle church

Written by MyGov

Deputy President William Ruto has assured the Christian community that the Government will not muzzle their freedom to preach the gospel.  He said the Government will not infringe on the right of true men and women of God to attend to their calling.

“On the matter you have raised about regulations that have been issued by Government on matters to deal with the church, I want to confirm to you that we are products of Sunday schools. I am a product of an altar call and I want to assure you, the government that I have a say in will not do contrary to what the scripture teaches,” said the Deputy President.

The Deputy President spoke Sunday morning when he joined other Christian faithful for a Sunday service at the Jesus Celebration Church in Bamburi, Mombasa. Bishop Wilfred Lai gave the sermon during the service.

The Deputy President said the government will relook into the new law and do the necessary amendments to ensure only those who are misusing the word of God are dealt with.  “Any regulations that may have been put in place, the necessary adjustments and amendments will be made so that we do not penalize men of God who are doing what God has given them opportunity to do,” said Deputy President William Ruto.

He said the Government has the capacity to investigate and deal with fake preachers who are out to fleece innocent wananchi. He called on Christians to pray for the country so that leaders and all Kenyans learn to live harmoniously irrespective of tribe or religion so that the country can realize its development goals.

“Pray that God can build bridges of love, friendship and unity across all Kenyan communities, regions, religions and races,” he said.

The Deputy President also assured all Kenyans that the Government will in no way interfere with ownership of private property but will rather guarantee security to all citizens to live and enjoy what is rightful theirs.

In his message based on 1 Kings 17:8-16 and 2Kings 4:1-7, Bishop Lai said God will bring healing to the country and that this year God intends to prosper the people of this nation like never before.

The Deputy President was accompanied by MPs Dan Wanyama and Gideon Mung’aro. (PSCU)

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