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Murang’a farmers given fertilizer to boost maize production

Murang’a County Government is currently distributing fertilizers to small scale farmers in an effort to boost food production. Targeted are more the 240,000 maize farmers as the region continues to receive increased rains. The farmers will also provided with pesticides to fight fall army worms wreaking havoc in many farmers.

Governor Mwangi wa Iria said that his administration is supporting farmers to take advantage of the ongoing rains so as to get high yields. The governor said 40,000 bags of fertilizer will be distributed to farmers targeting to increase yields and ensure the county has enough food.

The county government at the beginning of the year also provided farmers with certified maize seeds and manure in effort to boost food security. In the past rain season the county experienced minimal rains leading to crop failure in many parts forcing local residents to be provided with relief food.

Wa Iria decried the invasion of maize farms by fall army worms which are destroying the crops thus threatening food security. “If the worms are not well sprayed, they will pose threat to food security and Iam appealing to agricultural officers to assist farmers in spraying the maize crops with right chemicals,” said the governor.

Following the interventions and coordination of eradication of monkeys menace from their farms by the county government and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) farmers are expected to harvest food worth Sh. 3 billion in excess.

“Researchers have recommended farmers to be provided with fertilizers that will enhance combing of maize and strengthening of roots to achieve increased production. We have enough rain and we must explore ways and means to utilise our farms appropriately,” said the governor.

Many parts of the county are receiving increased rains which in some places are causing floods and landslides. The governor asked farmers to plant trees in effort to conserve soil from erosion and mudslides.

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