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By Mutiso Mbithi

The Kenya Film Classification Board has partnered with YouTube to award the prestigious Silver Creator Award 2019 to comedian Henry DeSagu, a Kenyan YouTuber whose channel has attained 100,000 subscribers.

The Award, according to Goggle head of Public and Legal Affairs Mr. Michael Murungi was given after comedian Henry DeSagu’s path to 100,000 subscribers was achieved .

Speaking during the presentation of the Award at the KFCB Boardroom at Uchumi house, KFCB CEO Dr Ezekiel MUtua said the prestigeous award because of his commitment to churn out witty, clean and positive content that promotes positive social values such as hard work and perseverance in a comical and satirical manner.

Dr. Mutua noted that DeSagu was flagged out for the award for using his talent to bring humour into moments that find resonance with his audience.

Dr Mutua added that DeSagu’s claim to fame is in giving Kenyans a good laugh, whether due to his own funny antics on the screen or at the absurdities of our own lives which he presents in the most scintillating manner.

“DeSagu is an icon and a shining example who doesnt thrive on the misplaced narrative that content should be dirty to sell. He has used his platform and creativity to bring us joy and lighten our hearts without breaking the rules of common decency. His content is suitable for family viewing and resonates with the KFCB goal of protecting children from exposure to harmful content and creating a safer internet.

The KFCB CEO said this refreshing achievement by DeSagu comes at a time when the Board is inundated by numerous complaints from the public about unpalatable content that is being uploaded online across various platforms.

He described DeSagu as a positive example to Kenyan youth that content does not have to be dirty in order to sell.

“The mantra that ‘clean is cool’ and that young people can turn their creative minds into something positive is our inspiration in offering this support. Going forward, the Board is working with YouTube to establish a framework and criteria to turn such positive uploads into money”, said the CEO

Mutua addd that in order to buttress YouTube’s efforts and in support of KFCB campaign for clean content, the Board pledges to award the Winner with Sh 200, 000 as an incentive to generate more clean content that celebrates and promotes Kenyan identity, culture and moral values and aspirations.

“The Board commits to support Kenyan YouTube content creators to venture into online business by creating clean content with positive messages. To this end, the Board commits an annual cash award of Ksh 1 million to YouTubers who attain 1 Million subscribers by populating their platforms with clean and innovative content.

This competition, dubbed One Million for One Million (Sh4m) will give our young, innovative and versatile youths an opportunity to compete in creating digital solutions that addresses the challenges of our time in a positive manner”, said the CEO

He further said KFCB will also celebrate other creatives who represent what the regulator would like Kenyan younger generation and other cultures to emulate about Kenya, unity in diversity, rich cultural heritage, the importance of family and community, the value of hard and work, honesty, perseverance respect for elders and, even more relevant than any other time today, respecting, honouring, celebrating and empowering girls and women.

“The Board shares YouTube’s commitment that everyone deserves to have a voice, and that the world is a better place when we listen, share and positively build community through our stories.We salute YouTube for enabling creators, brands and enterprises to grow themselves by tapping into passionate fan communities, while also respecting and enforcing its YouTube Community Guidelines against hateful, harmful, violent and other inappropriate content. We challenge Henry and his fan community to now aim for the YouTube Gold Creator Award by growing his subscribers to 1 million”, said the film chief regulator.

Mutua expressed the commitment of the Kenya Film Classification Board to continue to explore ways of growing and celebrating creatives to become great ambassadors of our culture and positive social values.

Speaking during the ceremony,Mr Murungi hailed the comedian for achieving the 100,000 youtube fans target with hard work, perseverence and a healthy sense of humour.

DeSagu churns out humourous jokes in English, Swahili and Sheng( a mixture of English, Swahili and indigenous languages) to keep thousands of youth glued to his Youtube channel.