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Three pysiotherapists give succour to the aged, stroke patients and infants at Nairobi clinic

By Mutiso Mbithi, MyGov

A group of three young physiotherapists is slowly cutting a niche for themselves by relieving pain from patients with arthritis, osteoarthritis neurological conditions like stroke and those with muscular and joint pains in their new clinic at Karen in Nairobi.

People of the advanced age bracket, those suffering from severe arthritis,deformities,infants with delayed milestones like failure to grow like normal kids, those who delay to walk and sit can now find succor at Misuli Clinic in this leafy Nairobi suburb.

The physiotherapists who have helped hundreds of Kenyans to live pain-free life, are led by Mr. John Muma, the head of the clinical team and co founder of Misuli Clinic who graduated with a Diploma in physiotherapy from The Kenya Medical Training College, Jackline Anyanzo and Derikin Ateka.

This group of budding physiotherapists, according to Mr. Muma, emancipate arthritis, osteoarthritis patients from extreme pain besides rehabilitating people suffering from neurological conditions kike stroke or those saddled with muscular and joint pains without using any conventional medicine or drugs.

Why and how can a patient heal without swallowing tablets or being injected? “Drugs taken for long can affect the liver and kidneys,” Mr.muma says.

He says in order to treat severe and muscular pain, they use machines like ultra sound anti-inflammatory, tense machine (trans cutaneous), electrical nerve stimulators to stimulate the nerves for people with nerve pains ciatica pain-back radiating to the legs which helps to stimulate and re-educate nerves.

“At Misuli centre we provide people with quality and expert physiotherapy and chiropractic care for patients with severe pains and also rehabilitate those with neurological conditions.”, Mr Muma told MyGov during a visit to the center.

He added that the group of three therapists also rehabilitate patients who have just undergone surgery to increase their range of motion by strengthening weak muscles besides providing them with pre-operative care.

He says majority of their patients include people of very advanced age, those with deformities by using their hands and machines to reduce pain, make them mobile and improve their quality of life.

“We do not prescribe any drugs to our patients but we recommend people to use supplements like calcium, zinc, magnesium and recommending nutritional support for the healing process in conjunction with medical doctors like neurologists in case the patients suffer from severe nerve damage and orthopedic surgeons for those with severe arthritis.

At Misuli clinic, Mr. Muma says, patients attended to include infants born with complications like unstable knees, neurological palsy(trauma in the head) causing paralysis and weakness of muscles and the very aged.

What kind of ,machines do these group of physiotherapists use to deal with their patients? Mr. Muma says, the group uses a Traction machine for mechanical decompression for people with nerve entrapment at the spinal level, to release pressure.

“We also use a Droptable which helps us to do spinal alignment adjustment for patients suffering from a condition called subluxation where a new born could move out of position due to a poor sitting posture.” Muma says.

Other tools of trade in the clinic, Mr Muma says, include orthopedic pillows, hydrocolator for warming packs for relaxation of muscles and a ultra sound machine.
He said Misuli clinic is one year old after opening its doors in April last year.

Mr. Muma says he ventured into this unconventional field of medicine by accident after his brother persuaded him to drop nursing as a career which was his passion since high school, when he introduced him to the head of physiotherapy at the KMTC.

“I applied and got admitted at the KMTC from where i graduated with a diploma in physiotherapy in 2011” said the physio.

He says that,in order to equip himself with skills to deal with his unique patients, he enrolled back at the KMTC and graduated with a diploma in orthopaedic manual therapy for two years and graduated in 2017.

The head physio at Misuli center says “disuse of muscles also causes weaknesses and strengthens them through specific exercises.

He says that” the clinic attends to an average of six patients per day and is contemplating opening a branch in Nairobi, West lands area where most patients come from to seek treatment at the Karen clinic.

“Our aim is to give patients the relief they need after taking conventional medicine for years for their physical pains without getting healed

Mr Muma added that other Misuli Care locations will soon be opening to provide convenience and accessibility to patients around the city.

“Our aim is to give patients the relief they need. With Misuli Care, you’re in good hands.”