Big4 agenda

Singapore Consortium to spend Shs 50 billion to build 8,000 houses in Machakos

By Mutiso Mbithi – MyGov.
Housing , one of the pillars of the Big Four Agenda will receive a big boost from a Singapore Consortium which will commence the construction of 8,888 affordable housing units at Lukenya in Machakos County for a local sacco at a cost of Sh50 billion.
The Consortium, AFRA holdings limited (Singapore) through its subsidiary Singapura Developers LTD (Kenya) has partnered with Habitat Housing Cooperative Sacco Ltd to give members of the sacco affordable housing units ranging from 3 bedroom to 1 bedroom and studio apartments.
The Lukenya Housing Units which has been dubbed by the Consortium as Habitat Heights according to the Chief Investments Officer of Singapura developers Mr. Masheshwaran SK is an affordable living estate designed to enhance the quality of life of its residents.
Mr. Maheshwaran furthers says that the features and design of this estate which sits on 77.75 acres off Mombasa Road near Daystar University promotes a wellness lifestyle with numerous sporting facilities that enable residents to lead a consistently active lifestyle. With modern design and technology for convenience and ease of living to ensure affordable lifestyle.
The beneficiaries of this unique estate are present and retired/past staff members of the various constituent arms of United Nations primarily based in East Africa but with membership around the world, their families and friends.
Records at the state department for cooperatives indicate that Habitat Housing Cooperative society was registered under the cooperative Society Act CAP 490 in July 1991 with the intention of pulling resources to make investments in land and housing projects for the benefit of members.
The society started with a small membership of less than 100 because there were very few UN agencies in Kenya then but by the year 2000 members of the current and recent Board of Directors revived the sacco and it currently has approximately 250 members.
Mr. Maheshwaran told MyGov during a ground breaking ceremony for the estate development which kicks off in August that Singapura Developers together with Habitat Cooperative Society will develop the estate through a special purpose vehicle dubbed Habitat Heights.
The CIO further told MyGov that the housing project will comprise 4,368 3 bedroom units, 2,912 2 bedroom units, 972 I bedroom units, 324 studio units measuring 22m, 2,912 2 bedroom units, 972 I bedroom units, 324 studio units measuring 22m2 , 252 units measuring 28m2 and 60 retail shops units.
‘We are splitting this project into 7 phases of construction. Each construction phase is 18 months and total project duration is 36 months. Phase one will commence in July this year and subsequently every 3 months, will commence the next phase,’ The CIO said
Mr. Maheshwaran further added that AFRA was set up a year ago for the purpose of developing affordable and social housing in East and west Africa mainly Kenya and Ghana and is already undertaking 150,000 units in West Africa and Asia and its partnership with Habitat Housing Coop society ltd affordable housing project in Lukenya is its first project in Kenya.
The CIO revealed that the estate will also be ‘self-contained’ in that homeowners have convenience stores, cafes and bistros, multipurpose hall, integrated solar heating for hot water supply, garbage management system, backup power supply and smart city maintenance system.
Other facilities at the new estate will be children’s pay grounds, outdoor elderly fitness, outdoor picnic area, designated drop off points and designated fire lifts.
Mr. Maheshwaran announced that beneficiaries of the new housing estate will buy their preferred units through mortgage, check off and any other mode of payment like cash and cash installments.