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Protect school children, First Lady urges guardians

Written by MyGov

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta today asked all guardians to be extra vigilant to ensure all school children are kept away from harm. She said destructive habits such as drugs and substance abuse should be kept out of all learning institutions.

The children must also be steered from crime and delinquency, said the First Lady when she presided over a prize giving ceremony at State House Primary School. “Anti-social habits must never be allowed in our schools and homes’, she said.

The First Lady said keeping school children from these vices is the only sure way they can develop into great, responsible and God-fearing citizens.

She said the recently launched Pupils Reward  Scheme which invites the top three performers  in national examinations from each county to visit State House is aimed to encourage the beneficiaries to join the government when they complete their studies.

The new scheme, also known as PURES is aimed at acquainting the  students with the workings of government and the operations of various  ministries which they are also expected to visit.

The First Lady also announced that the government is improving the grounds used by the schools around State House to give the students better running tracks and  fields to train.

Besides class-work, the First Lady told the pupils to participate  in  extra-curricular activities to become all-rounded individuals.

She also asked the pupils to internalize the words of the National Anthem and cultivate the virtues of love and respect among others.

Education Cabinet Secretary Professor Jacob Kaimenyi  reminded the teachers of the recently introduced reforms in school administration saying they must be strictly adhered to.

These include banning forced repetition of classes in all levels, removal of all examination fees and illegalising tuition during holidays.

The other key reforms include reduced school fees in secondary schools (Primary and Nursery education is free) ,banning school reporting time before 7.30 am and the involvement of students in decision making in the administration of schools including on discipline and punishment matters.

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