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KFCB chief executive bans planned secret teenage party

Kenya Film and Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua.

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has banned another sexually-oriented party being organised in Nairobi at the weekend. The party dubbed Project X2 is scheduled to take place on March 18th , according to reports.

KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua says the organizers of the party are circulating a sexually graphic poster online, inviting teenagers to the lewd party at an undisclosed location on Isiolo Road, Nairobi.

KFCB has moved to block it, like it did to a similar arrangement last year.  “The board has alerted the police and investigations are currently underway with an aim to arrest the organizers of the party for prosecution in line with the Film and Stage Plays Act Cap222, the Penal Code and other laws intended to protect children from all forms of exploitation by criminals,” Mr Mutua said in a statement.

The party comes a year after the board stopped the maiden Project X, which aimed at luring teenagers, intoxicating them with drugs and then using them to produce pornographic films for sale outside the country. According to the board, the purpose of Project X2 is also part of a wider sex syndicate operated by foreign Non-Governmental Organizations in collaboration with local underlings, targeting children for use in the production of pornographic films for sale in foreign countries.

After KFCB stopped the Project X Party last year, some 200 youths attempted to stage a similar party in Lang’ata. However, through police and civilian efforts the board was able to foil it. The children were arrested and taken to Lang’ata Police Station, where they spent the night and released to their parents and guardians the following day. The Sudanese national whose house was being used to host the party was arrested and charged in court.

The board has called upon collaborated efforts from all stakeholders to report any activity related to the party, in order to ensure it does not take place.

“We urge parents to remain vigilant and monitor the whereabouts of their children. While the board has undertaken to eliminate such parties, we are aware that such meetings are happening secretly, especially within the wealthy urban residences. Increasing vigilance will go a long way in dealing with this menace conclusively. The police have deployed a team to work with the Board’s Film Enforcement and Compliance Officers to ensure the party is not allowed to take place,” it said.


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