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Ministry clarifies on financing of schools co-curricular activities

Written by MyGov

The Ministry of Education has termed the report in the Daily Nation, today, February 20, 2017, titled Parents to raise Ksh1.4 billion for school game as misleading.

The story appears to imply  that the government seeks impose new levy  on parents to finance co-curricular activities  in basic education institutions. “This is to clarify that no parent is being asked to pay any levy to finance the co-curricular programme,” noted the Ministry.

The Ministry said the government is financing co-curricular activities from the Free Primary (FPE) and Free Day Secondary Education (FDSE) funds it sends to public primary schools.

The Circular issued by the Ministry of Education on February 7, 2017, signed by the Principal Secretary for Basic Education observed:  “Out of the gazetted amount for the co-curricular in the fees guidelines, Secondary and Primary Schools shall pay Ksh500 and Sh30 per child respectively towards funding co-curricular at the sub-county, county and regional levels.”

The ministry clarified that the Circular was asking for schools deposit the amounts to the same accounts as used for Authority to Incur Expenditure (AIE) for Sub-County Directors for Education, County Directors for Education and their Regional Coordinators for Education.

Part of the capitation funds the government sends to schools includes a vote for co-curricular activities. “What the Ministry has done is to consolidate the amounts for their effective, efficient and transparent use at various tiers of the co-curricular activities,” it explained.

“Parents will not bear any additional burden to finance the activities given that the laws relating to basic education outlaws any levies outside the gazetted fees.”

The Government said the new rules on mobilisation of funds for co-curricular activities are favourable to parents and children as well as the coordinators of the activities at Sub-County, County and Regional levels.

The rules have injected more efficiency, effectiveness and accountability in the use of the capitation from the FPE and FDSE funds earmarked for co-curricular activities.

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