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Centre to release sustainability survey findings in April

Written by MyGov
KCIC Chief Executive Edward Mungai (centre) Director Corporate Services Ruth Ndegwa (left) and Exclamation Marketing Ltd CEO Sue Omanga – the sponsorship consultant (right) during a media briefing recently.

The Kenya Climate Innovative Centre (KCIC) is set to unveil the findings of the first sustainability survey on corporates in Kenya in April this year.

The release of the findings at an awards gala dinner on 14th April 2016, will coincide with the launch of the KCIC Sustainability Initiative targeting corporates, academia and the public service.

According to the KCIC Chief Executive Mr Edward Mungai, the World Bank-InfoDev initiative funded by UKaid and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs incubates the development and deployment of technologies to help communities mitigate and adapt to climate change.

It supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). “This is a bid to support Kenya’s roadmap to the sustainable development goals, improve the pace of commercialisation and scale-up of climate change-related enterprises, and thereby contribute to the attainment of SDGs in the country,” he said.

A survey on the state of sustainability on corporates was carried out in the last quarter of 2016. It was aimed at establishing the incidence of economically, socially and environmentally sustainable practices by companies, institutions and organisations in Kenya.

Although some key corporates have embraced sustainable development, the country is yet to fully sensitise the public and private sector on the positive benefits of adapting sustainable practices in a practical manner.

KCIC is currently lobbying for sponsorship of either Ksh5m, Ksh3m, Ksh1m and Ksh500,000. Further details are available via the link

“Progress on this subject can only succeed if those who have embraced sustainability keep pushing for the agenda to advance, otherwise, no one can win alone. It is time for companies to get serious about sustainability and they must start by including the topic as a priority in their board agendas,” added Mungai.

Top line findings of the survey highlight that only 45 per cent of Kenyans know about SDGs. The study will act as a springboard for future studies. It will also help to track progress on how companies are embracing sustainable practices, besides profit.

KCIC Corporate Affairs Director Ruth Ndegwa noted that in the long-term, the findings and data collected will help demonstrate to companies the gains or the positive return on investment and sustainability in areas of profitability, brand reputation, consumer and investor engagement.

Since opening its doors in September 2012, the Center has incubated 138 enterprises, 52 of which are now businesses that came in as ideas, and created 1,163 jobs through these businesses.

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