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CS Kaimenyi launches taskforce to operationalise land laws

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Lands and Physical Planning CS Prof Jacob Kaimenyi (above) on January 27th launched a task-force to formulate regulations to operationalise various laws relating on land matters, namely Land Act, Land Registration Act and the Community Land Act.

The terms and reference of the Task Force include:

  • Study the new land laws and identify the sections that require regulations, rules or guidelines; and
  • Prepare draft regulations, rules and guidelines in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Constitution, the Land Act, 2012, the Land Registration act, 2012, the Community Land Act, 2016 and the Land Laws (Amendment) Act, 2016

Members of the taskforce is drawn from the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning, the National Land Commission, the Kenya Law Reform Commission, the State Law office, the Law Society of Kenya, the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya, the Kenya Institute of Planners and the Nairobi City County Government. “The Task Force is expected to submit draft Regulations within two months,” said Prof Kaimenyi.

He said that the taskforce was set up in 2012 by the then Minister for Lands James Orengo to formulate regulations under the Land Act and the Land Registration Act but the report was never presented to the Cabinet Secretary. “The Constitution Implementation Commission drafted proposed amendments to the National Land Commission Act, Land Act and the Land Registration and in effect stalled the process of formulation of Regulations,” said explained the Lands CS.

Prof Kaimenyi said that the Land Laws Act, 2016 introduced a new body known as Land Settlement Fund Board of Trustees, which is responsible for provision of access to land to squatters, displaced persons and purchase of private land for settlement.

He explained that the Community Land Act came into force to make provision for registration of community land as well as management and administration. Also present during the Launch was Lands PS, Arch Mariamu el Maawy and National Land Commission Vice Chair, Mrs Abigael Mbagaya.

Mrs Mbagaya said said that the taskforce will enhance transparency and minimize frictions and misunderstandings between NLC and Ministry of Lands. Arch. el Maawy noted that the team will make sure Kenyans get the best services and land reforms that they desire.

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