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Police get new houses at Kamulu

Written by MyGov

The State Department for Housing and Urban Development today handed over 100 housing units to Kamulu Police Station in Nairobi as part of government’s efforts to provide Kenya’s disciplined forces with decent housing.

This comes within one month, after another lot of 100 housing units were handed over to the Police at Migosi Police Station in Kisumu.

Presenting the keys of the new houses, the Secretary for Housing in the State Department For Housing and Urban Development Patrick Bucha said the government was committed to improving the housing conditions of all members of the disciplined forces, among them the police service, the administration police and the Prison Wardens.

He said 1,050 housing units built using Industrial Building Systems Technology would be ready for occupation within the next one month, while additional 800 houses will be ready by the end of April next year.

The Secretary For Housing who was accompanied by the Director of Administration for Housing Mr Ibrahim Hussein and Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr Noor Gubow disclosed that construction of further 5,000 housing units will begin in the next financial year.

The exercise which will go on until the government meets her target of 100, 000 units. He said the government had identified 21 suppliers of industrial building material which has proven to be a faster building method as opposed to traditional brick and mortar technology which took too long to deliver.

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  • Please also do something about the completion of the Kamukunji police line the sight of the stalled project is quite an eye sore and a bloat on the Government good performance in infrastructure development and why did the project stall in the first place .

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