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CS Macharia urges professionals to provide affordable housing solutions to Kenyans

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Housing and Urban Development  Principal Secretary  Arch Aidah Munano views surveying equipment at Safari Park Hotel where she officially opened regional conference for surveyors.

The Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Mr James Macharia has challenged developers, land owners, financiers and professionals to come up with practical solutions which can alleviate the shortage of affordable housing in Kenya.

Mr Macharia said the average national housing demand stood at 250,000 units per annum in urban areas while the national annual average supply was 50,000 housing units resulting in a deficit of 200,000 housing units per year.

The cabinet Secretary made the remarks in a speech read on his behalf by the Principal Secretary for Housing and Urban Development Arch Aidah Munano when she officially opened the first regional conference for surveyors from East and Southern Africa.

He decried that there were 24,458 mortgage loans in the market with an average loan size of Ksh8.3 million in 2015. “This attests to an acute housing deficit and units going at prices way beyond the reach of majority of Kenyans”, he said.

Mr Macharia assured the participants that the Government was committed to promotion of research on appropriate and alternative building materials and technologies that are cost effective and reduce construction time.  “In this regard”, said the CS, “the Ministry has robustly facilitated utilisation and investment in locally available technologies as well as Industrial Building Systems (IBS).

“To industrialise the building sector, the Government is also encouraging investors to put up local plants for production of innovative building materials and elements,” said he.

The CS called upon professionals in the building sector to ensure emerging technologies are widely recognised and utilised, and particularly by Built Environment professionals.

He was optimistic that with the ongoing expansion in infrastructure in terms of roads, railway, energy and water provision in the greater Eastern Africa Region, we expect to see an expansion of the real estate sector. (By Olem Edward)



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